Happy Birthday, Manman Haiti!

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There are countless recipes for Haitian Pumpkin soup. Each household uses only the ingredients it can afford. Some recipes call for beef, others call for goat meat. If you are a vegetarian, don’t think your soup will be lacking without it.

If you are allergic to celery or turnip, the earth will not stop spinning if you omit those.  I know some ladies in Haiti who can make this soup with just a couple of ingredients. Pumpkin Soup is about celebrating freedom and your right to be as creative as you wish.

Every version of Independence Day Soup is colorful and hearty and delicious. If I can make a decent pot of soup, an ant can do the same.  Check out the video below, and have fun creating your version of Freedom.

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Happy New Year to everyone who visits VoicesfromHaiti.com! Come back soon.

One Wish for Haiti

The old maxim “We are ugly, but we are here” is buried under the rubble caused by 2010’s super quake.  Nou pa lèd. We are not ugly, and we’ve only begun to “be here.”

Madame E., a food vendor in Fermathe, speaks about her one wish for the country she loves.

“Our people will band together in prayer. We will work together. We will gather around one table, and celebrate our country. Together.”