Régine Romain: Photo Poet

Regine Romain is a photo-anthro-journalist of Haitian descent, who fuses her interests in travel and culture to explore both spiritual and tangible worlds. She is also a writer, performer and educator who teaches photography, poetry, multi-media studies and global history, seeking to stimulate artistic expression, critical inquiry and social activism in her students.

Régine Romain is the Founder and Director the Urban PhotoPoets project, the Brooklyn Photo Salon and Mami Wata Healing Arts. She is currently an A.I.R. Gallery 2011 – 2012 Fellow and the editor of Diaspora Diaries: An Educators Guide to MoCADA Artists. Régine Romain received her Bachelor of Science in International Studies from Bowie State University and in 2008 acquired a Masters in Photography & Urban Culture from Goldsmiths, University of London. Regine Romain lives in Brooklyn, New York with her daughter.

BélO: Musical Ambassador

BélO (VoicesfromHaiti Photo)

Fans in France, The US, Togo, Senegal, Canada, Ghana, Mali, Martinique, England, and Italy adore this award-winning singer and songwriter.  Haitian-born Jean Belony Murat is his birth name. Everyone calls him BélO.

Two years and two days after an aggressive 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti to her core, several hundred men and women now wait patiently for the fractured island’s musical ambassador to take his rightful place on stage.

Artisphere’s dimly-lit ballroom is intimate—in a 2012 sort of way. There is a wrap-around balcony hemmed with glass, chrome, brilliant reds, and subtle yellows. If Captain James T. Kirk had a master bedroom on Earth, this would be it. The stage, of course, would be the bed.

Arlington,Virginia is a few worlds away from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The spiteful January chill is unfathomable to most of our compatriots back home. But BélO’s sound promises to bring Haiti’s unmatched heat here.  The audience is ready.


BélO’s sophisticated voice will float atop the musical style he calls Ragganga, an amalgam of traditional Haitian folkloric rhythms, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, and even Konpa.  His dynamic sound will transport the audience to a serene place. “Lakou Trankil,” the title track of BélO’s first CD, is the anticipated destination.

The music will enfold everyone in powerful wings and carry them to faraway places; that much the audience knows for sure. Read more. . .

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Privacy: Two Years After the Earthquake

January 12, 2012

Two years after the super quake decimated much of Haiti, countless families still live in makeshift shelters.

Four warped sticks hold up walls made of bed sheets, plastic tarps, threadbare carpets.

Bits of tin keep some of the rain from falling inside these shelters. The lucky households have doors: a second bed sheet or an old vinyl tablecloth. Children draw these doors shut at night. For privacy. For security. 


Sarah Dupuy: Ayiti Cherie (Parts 1 and 2)

Sarah Dupuy: Haitian-American musician (Photo courtesy of SD)




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This lady is a true fanm vayan.

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