Hello 2017

While many around the world celebrate Epiphany today, hell broke loose in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My heart goes out to the people of the world, especially to the victims and their families.  We’re just getting started with 2017; I say we make believe it’s really a clean slate, and start following the Golden Rule.

“Death is ill-bred.  Like an uninvited guest, it sneaks into homes to crash the most intimate gatherings. It hovers and salivates, waiting, like a rabid cur.” READ MORE HERE

Happy New Year, remember?


213 and Counting ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy Independence Day!

You made it to this place called Here.  Yes, you did.

Freedom is 213 years old today.

We remember the brave ones who fought for Haiti’s independence.

We thank them for t he blood they shed.

Let us repay them by working together to make our country all that it deserves to be.

I hope you spent time with family today.

I hope  loved-ones surround you forever.

I hope you are healthy.

I hope your home is warm in the winter and breezes comfort you during sweltering days.

I hope your children smile without a reason.

I hope you write down those priceless stories the elders lavish on you.

I hope you have clean water to drink.

I hope your pantry stays full.

I hope the children of the world forget that thing called hunger.

I hope they go to school with starched uniforms and books that are not borrowed.

I hope there is light enough to let students study after the sun takes away its own.

I hope hurricanes don’t come.

And if they do–for they must–I hope they leave Haiti intact

I hope the mountains don’t melt.

I hope trees grow and every seed yields a bountiful harvest.

I hope you  are safe.

I hope there is peace everywhere on our one Earth.

I hope you believe you can make a difference.

I hope your dreams come true.

I hope you remember to celebrate the gift you are.

I hope you laugh.

I hope you dance.

I hope you know you are beautiful.

And you are still here.