Martine Vassor: “Elemental Mother”

Why was I ripped from her?

She birthed me first.

Did I birth her?

                                                                                                                I am





I hated leaving

Though the ones who crowned me queen

wanted to hang me like Anacaona,

                                                                                                              Queen of Jaragua Maguana of the island “Ayiti”

                                                                           Quisqueya Boyo

Silently you conspired


save me

Time for me to leave

A covenant signed




Mount Calvary high since


The roots numerous, strong,


When the thing hit and left you wounded

A leg caught half a step between life and death

Arms stuck out of the rubble

Reaching out to children near and far

Your sufferings had surpassed you

I heard

your call from some place deep


It was time to come home

A covenant signed in Leogane

The noose was parchment

Your tears were like ink


Still, your resilient spirit transformed

the tsunami of despair into rays of hope

And like the golden flame from the central sun

The light in your eyes will shine again

Your branches will sprout even more beauteously


Golden Flower

The pearl of the Antilles

Ayiti Quisqueya Boyo . . .

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