What’s on Jany Tomba’s Bookshelf?

by Jany Tomba

Jany's Beads

My books occupy many places in my house. When there are no more slots on the shelf, they find themselves piled on dressers, tables and chairs. The books on my night table are ready for a contre-danse. I like changing just like doing a dance where one changes partner. From the Bible to Deepak Chopra’s writings, yo fè lago kache avèk mwen.

The words! I read them over and over as my mind wonders. Others I let melt to become one with my spirit, which is why I don’t read everything! I feel all words are food for the soul.

I don’t stay too long on one book; I don’t do a linear reading. I go back so as to savor each letter.

But if I find a book I love, I will keep it for a long time. The one collection of books I cherish is the reigning corner of Edwidge Danticat , where I keep preciously a photo of us from many years ago.

Jany Tomba and Edwidge Danticat

At times I forget where I was and I start over again; this helps me to stay in the now. I am not rushing. This brings me to why I like poetry.

I used to love to read the Japanese Haikus of Basho but I recently received from Haitian writer Eddy Garnier his book of Haikus Gerbe en Germes Pake Gren  in French and Creole; it is wonderfully simple and brings me back to my land.

I also adore the poems of Ketly P.Mars, in Feu de Miel. My favorite is the poem titled “Des Fois…

I have been reading the book La Fresaie  de J-P Richard Narcisse . I feel like dancing when I read him. My head spins my feet tap. I so enjoy the details and the layers. . . et j’ai des voix dans la tête!

My favorite reference book is  Les Mysteres du Vaudou by Laennec Hurbon. It is reader friendly with beautiful illustrations and easy to read charts. Whether one serves or not, this book should find a place in Haitian homes.

An old book of 1970, Contes d’Haiti, brings me back to my childhood and feeds my nostalgia. My Father, pioneer Haitian artist Geo Remponeau, did the illustrations; and the stories just warm my heart when I read them. It is in French and Creole. I hope to one day tell them to my little ones.

So you see, I’ m not a bookworm. I am full of joy of words and distraction. I could go on and on: I pile on books like I pile on beaded necklaces. I still have many more books to tackle, but I still like to buy more when I go to book fairs—just to support our writers.

4 thoughts on “What’s on Jany Tomba’s Bookshelf?”

  1. The Jany’s review is Nice and cool. It’s so well turned that I am sure she will make a sweet end wonderfull writer herself.
    It is not the number of books published that make someone a good writer but only the words chosen and the meaning they express. I gently welcome her to the writing world.
    At the same time, I take ti occasion to thank Jany from my heart for quoting my little Haïku opuscule Germe en germes so nicely.

    My regards to you Ms. Tomba.

    Friendly Eddy Garnier (Canada)

  2. Bravo indeed.

    I don’t rush when I read a book too. I like to savor it. I like Biographies the most. Read all the Ex-President’s books. Actors’ books, Self-help, Poetry. Some Cajun books too :-). A novel or mystery every now and then.

  3. I LOVE BOOKS!!!! like Jany I used books everywhere, books are the first thing I buy when I am traveling, specially cooking books, entertainments, Hotels, Houses, self help right now I am reading a book by Gary Zukav call ” The Seat of The Soul” that I recommend to every one. Books are everywhere in my house, chairs, bathroom, table, on the floor use them as coffee table. Jany you are a true Bon Vivant. Bravo.

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