Amazing Zazou

Meet Zazou. She is beautiful. And she is here!

Read the moving piece she penned for one of Haiti’s most important holidays: Fêtes des Mères (Mother’s Day).

Every year, though the date varies, Mother’s Day falls on the last Sunday in May. Zazou’s loving tribute honors the mother she lost less than two months before 5/27/15. Read the INNERview on VoicesfromHaiti: “Nou Bèl. E Nou La”™©

Zazou photographed by Ed Maximus

Zazou photographed by Ed Maximus

Author’s Bio:

Zazou is a young Haitian woman who lives in Gainesville, Florida. She is a proud native of Saint-Marc, Haiti. She is a growing poet and an inspiring-chef. She has a growing appreciation for photography.  She recently completed her degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. She believes that humans are multidimensional beings who shouldn’t limit their abilities. She is a passionate entity. Though she lives in the United States, her spirit never allows her to leave her birth country. Her existence mirrors her love for Haiti. Conscious that she is  part of the puzzle that makes Haiti whole, she takes frequent trips home to maintain the connection.


We are Beautiful and We Are Here