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The events of the past few months have shaken us to the core. The world holds its breath, hoping against hope that the nightmare will end. The sun shines a bit brighter this Tuesday, though. People are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, literally.

Friends on social media publish encouraging messages about the different types of love they have for one another: sacrificial love, fast-burning love, sustainable love. The posts that carry the most meaning remind us that every day brings with it a chance to celebrate family and friends.  Just as every month is African-American History month, every day is an opportunity to give and receive the one thing that will transcend all the hatred bubbling, like lava, around us.

Love always triumphs. After all these years, can you believe there’s still no app for it?

Viv lanmou!

Michelle Obama and Azaka Mede

Dream Haiti: Acrylic on Canvas by Jean Claude M.May is Haitian Heritage Month. It’s packed with holidays: Labor and Agriculture Day, Flag Day, National Sovereignty Day, and (the most important of all) Mother’s Day!

At home and in the dyaspora, compatriots commemorated Premier Mai (May First) in many ways, including dressing up like the patron lwa of agriculture: a peasant farmer who answers to the names Azaka Mede, Kouzen, Zaka, among several other affectionate monikers. If having a green thumb means that everything you plant grows, then Azaka Mede is green all over. Every seed he drops in the soil yields a bountiful harvest.

michelle obama gardeningAnother famous personage with a serious green thumb is First Lady Michelle Obama. For many years now, she has shown the public that cultivating land is hardly synonymous with poverty. You’re not a peasant for growing your own food. Au contraire . . .

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